Driving schools in the Salzkammergut, Austria, opt for a professional drying device

Combi 1300 for drying motorcycle gear.
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Driving schools in the Salzkammergut, Austria, opt for a professional drying device

Dry motorcycle gear available at all times thanks to the Combi 1300


As a motorcyclist, you are exposed to all weathers, and as a driving instructor or learner driver, you also have to drive in the rain. Driving school owner Josef Wintersteller has solved the issue of wet driving gear with the Combi 1300 group drying locker from WINTERSTEIGER.


"We had no way of drying our motorcycle gear during prolonged periods of bad weather," says Josef Wintersteller, explaining what motivated him to make the purchase. "It was a particular problem in summer when there was no heating on," he adds. Thus, it was time for the Bad Ischl driving school owner to procure some reliable drying lockers.


"We decided on the WINTERSTEIGER Combi 1300, as we were won over by its impressive concept," emphasizes Mr. Wintersteller. The Combi 1300 is not only used to dry motorcycle gear after driving in the rain, it is also used to disinfect clothing and footwear after driving lessons. "We use the Combi 1300 to dry the full motorcycle outfit," explains Mr. Wintersteller. "We either use the timer clock or the overnight drying function depending on how quickly the gear needs to be ready."


The ozone lamp was another bonus feature of the WINTERSTEIGER device. "Having the extra option to disinfect the gear using the ozone lamp was very important to us, especially as we need to dry everything from the helmet down to the footwear," explains Mr. Wintersteller. He had both Combi 1300 devices fitted with ozone lamps to help prevent odors building up. Using the ozone lamp reduces germs and bacteria so bad smells don't get chance to develop.


Five driving instructors and their students use the drying lockers at each site, and Mr. Wintersteller points out that the devices are going down a storm. "The Combi 1300s are perfect for our two sites, and they reduce our workload significantly," he continues. "And the collaboration with WINTERSTEIGER, right from the time when we first spoke all the way through to delivery of the lockers, went really well."


The Combi 1300 is a spacious group drying locker for 10 complete sets of gear. This efficient drying locker is a space-saving, all-in-one solution for drying clothes, shoes/boots, and gloves.  


The Combi 1300 is characterized by its simple and intuitive operation. There are two timer clocks to choose from: One 6-hour timer clock for maximum flexibility and one 24/7 timer clock for fixed drying times.


WINTERSTEIGER also offers a wide range of optional equipment such as the ozone lamp. Germs and bacteria are reduced using the ozone lamp and odors are eliminated.


Available in power-coated steel and stainless steel.


• Dimensions (HxWxD in cm): 210 x 130 x 80


For more information and to view our range of drying solutions, please visit: wintersteiger.com/drytech