WINTERSTEIGER develops drying locker for COVID-19 protective masks

PURE CO18 for chemical-free disinfection of protective masks and hygienic utensils

Innviertel-based company provides solutions in times of coronavirus

WINTERSTEIGER develops drying locker for COVID-19 protective masks


Extraordinary times require extraordinary solutions. In order to support emergency services and medical personnel during the COVID-19 pandemic, WINTERSTEIGER has developed a new drying locker. The PURE CO18 will be used for chemical-free disinfection of protective masks and hygienic utensils. 


In addition to the drying process, effective disinfection by means of ozone is also carried out. WINTERSTEIGER has been successfully using this technology for years in various sectors, such as the food industry, kindergartens, and fire departments. Due to the developments in the course of the COVID-19 pandemic, the machinery and plant engineering group decided to modify the proven drying locker system. Seven stainless steel baskets are installed per locker, in which hundreds of masks and utensils can be dried within a short period of time. Disinfection is carried out as required using either a six-hour timer for maximum flexibility or a 24-hour timer for fixed drying times.


Ozone destroys coronaviruses on surfaces

Two UVC lamps (low-wavelength UV light) of 7 or 11 watts each are used to disinfect the locker contents. Ozone is a naturally occurring gas consisting of oxygen atoms and significantly reduces the number of bacteria in the air as well as all microorganisms, bacteria, viruses, and fungi that come into contact with it. Several publications have shown that coronaviruses on surfaces can be destroyed by the use of ozone. As the structure of SARS-COV-2 is very similar to known coronaviruses, experts are confident that ozone in combination with temperature will also be effective against the current SARS COV-2 virus. The effectiveness against SARS COV-2 is currently being tested and documented in a specialist laboratory.


In addition, the ingenuity of the Ried im Innkreis-based firm also benefits the environment: protective masks and clothes are dried, disinfected, and can be reused, instead of being disposed of as waste.


For more information, please visit: www.wintersteiger.com/drytech

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