Wet work shoes be gone!

Quick and efficient drying of work shoes thanks to the WINTERSTEIGER dryer.
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Wet work shoes be gone!

Plastic recycling center with a professional drying solution


Even waterproof shoes eventually get wet. At Walter Kunststoffe in Wels, they knew just what to do to solve this problem – the company invested in the Boot 10 Power shoe and boot dryer from WINTERSTEIGER.


"We clean dirty plastic packaging, for example from sorted household recycling, and then we turn it into pellets," explains Monika Schneeberger, HR manager at the company. "These are then used to create new packaging," she adds. Employees are always in contact with water when processing the plastic, so drying their work shoes quickly and efficiently is particularly important. The boot dryer is super useful, especially during autumn and winter when shoes take longer to dry. "The work shoes are aired out really well, which greatly improves the odor too," says Ms. Schneeberger. "You can really tell the difference compared to before." The HR manager is also extremely satisfied with how easy it is to operate the dryer using the timer clock.


At its two sites in Wels and Gunskirchen, the innovative company processes plastic waste so it can be used to create completely new products.


The Boot Power is a super compact, flexible, and space-saving drying panelfor 5, 10, 15, or 20pairs of shoes, offering a quick drying time from 45 minutes at an ambient temperature of 15 °C. In addition, we offer a widerange of optional equipment, including germ reduction, various drying nozzles and leveling feet.


Available in power-coated steel and stainless steel.


Dimensions (HxWxD in cm):

• 198,4 x 26 x 31 (5 pairs)
• 198,4 x 52,4 x 31 (10 pairs)
• 207 x 86 x 32,2 (15 pairs)
• 207 x 114,8 x 32,2 (20 pairs)


For more information and to view our range of drying solutions, please visit: wintersteiger.com/drytech


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