Two Boot 10 Power devices play a vital role in the kindergarten

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Admont kindergarten and day nursery relies on professional drying equipment

Two Boot 10 Power devices play a vital role in the kindergarten


Quality is an important criterion, especially when it comes to childcare – and this also applies to kindergarten equipment. To ensure that children can slip into dry shoes and clothes after long periods outdoors, in rain or snow, Admont kindergarten and day nursery has opted for professional drying equipment from WINTERSTEIGER.


"We had a lot of wet clothes in the kindergarten and no way to dry them properly and reliably," explains Evelyn Schagerer, head of the Admont kindergarten and day nursery in the north of Upper Styria, Austria. "It wasn’t ideal, especially in the winter, when the kids are out in the snow." So reliable drying equipment had to be purchased. They opted for two Boot 10 Power devices – a drying panel from WINTERSTEIGER for 10 pairs of shoes or alternatively gloves.


A basic version of the Boot 10 Power was ordered so that the nozzles could be fitted freely. With the flexible Drytech system, all available nozzles fit the intended openings on the drying panels and drying lockers. The Admont kindergarten’s managers opted for 6 pairs of shoe nozzles and 4 pairs of glove nozzles, designed for smaller shoe and glove sizes.


"The two Boot 10 Power devices are now regularly used in our day nursery," says Evelyn Schagerer. “They are centrally located in the entrance area and are operated by the day nursery staff." The two Boot 10 Power devices are mainly used for drying gloves and boots, explains Evelyn Schagerer. But now and again the children's trousers can also be dried if necessary – primarily using a timer clock. Schagerer: "We almost always use the timer clock – it's very convenient for our operation." The Boot 10 Power devices each have two timer clocks that are easy and intuitive to operate: One 6-hour timer clock for flexible drying and one 24-hour timer clock for fixed drying times.


Schagerer sees the space-saving design of the WINTERSTEIGER drying panels as a further advantage. “The Boot 10 Power devices are a very good drying option, especially in smaller rooms or rooms without radiators." Germs are reduced without using any chemical additives. This is yet another advantage of the WINTERSTEIGER devices – especially, but not only when it comes to drying children's clothes and shoes.



The Boot Power is a super compact, flexible, and space-saving drying panel for 5, 10, 15, or 20 pairs of shoes, offering a quick drying time from 45 minutes at an ambient temperature of 15 °C.


WINTERSTEIGER also offers a wide range of optional equipment, including germ-reduction devices, various drying nozzles and leveling feet.


The Boot Power is characterized by its simple and intuitive operation. There are two timer clocks to choose from: One 6-hour timer clock for maximum flexibility and one 24-hour timer clock for fixed drying times. The locker reduces germs without using chemicals.


Dimensions (HxWxD in cm):

  • 198.4 x 26 x 31 (5 pairs)
  • 198.4 x 52.4 x 31 (10 pairs)
  • 207 x 86 x 32.2 (15 pairs)
  • 207 x 114.8 x 32.3 (20 pairs)


For more information, please visit: wintersteiger.com/drytech

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