Top-quality air for training: Health and fitness studio relies on air disinfection with Cubusan

Mitterlehner Training

Daniel Hufnagel, CEO of Mitterlehner Training Fitness Studios: “We did look at other products. For us, the decision came down to ensuring sufficient protection for our customers and employees.”


Health and wellbeing are the cornerstone of fitness training. To keep it that way, Mitterlehner Training in Ried im Innkreis has put together a comprehensive safety concept, which includes the Cubusan for air disinfection.


CEO Daniel Hufnagel explains why he opted to use the Cubusan for air disinfection: “We did look at other products. For us, the decision came down to ensuring sufficient protection for our customers and employees. The air purification cubes – we have 11 devices – also fit in nicely with our interior decor and we can barely hear them. That's important so that everyone feels comfortable and nobody gets irritated during training. The fact that the devices are easy to use and fully maintenance-free is also very important to us. We have enormous faith in Wintersteiger. Wintersteiger is a regional partner and supplies 'Made in Austria' products – its name stands for quality.”


Daniel Steininger, General Manager of the Division Sports & Hygiene at Wintersteiger: “We looked at the room conditions and developed the ideal hygiene concept based on the dimensions and geometry. For an area of roughly 500 m2, we decided to include 11 Cubusan units in the training rooms, locker rooms, and reception area. We believe that we can offer everyone in the fitness studio the best-possible protection against infection with this concept.”


Clean air and clean surfaces.

People working out in the fitness studio are no longer required to wear an FFP2 mask. However, the increased breathing rate when exercising results in more aerosols being released that can spread pathogens. Without filters, these aerosols are released into the ambient air for others to inhale on a 1:1 basis. To prevent this, Mitterlehner Training has incorporated the Cubusan air disinfection device into its comprehensive safety concept. The Cubusan is particularly effective in the fitness studio because it neutralizes aerosols permanently and in real time – before any potential transmission can take place. Even the training equipment surfaces are reliably rid of viruses and bacteria, making the air purification cube a valuable resource in combatting infection: before the Cubusan, all the equipment had to be disinfected after every training session. And there is another major benefit that everyone can appreciate: the Cubusan noticeably neutralizes odors, ensuring that the air is always fresh and clean and training "feels just like it does outside".