Drytech - Technology that offers more than mere drying


  • All solutions have optimal air circulation in order to reach the best drying result and to exhaust wet air.
  • The temperature of the air is constantly controlled and increased to an optimum level for smooth drying by heating elements.
  • Our boot dryers guarantee quick and energy efficient drying up into the toe area through our optimized drying nozzles!
  • The room temperature should be at least 18 °C to ensure optimum drying results.
  • With different control systems the dryers can be programmed to be in operation only when needed, thus saving you time and money.


  • There are many methods of protecting ourselves against moulds, bacteria and other hazardous micro-organisms. The micro-organisms floating freely in the air are accessible to UV rays. By disinfecting the air, it is possible to considerably reduce the pathogen level in the room as natural air circulation directs all layers of air through the irradiation area at least once. With UV air disinfection, the air is neutralised of micro-organisms, bacteria, viruses and fungi by means of ultra-violet light.
  • OZONE disinfection functions by means of a gas which disinfects the air and all items coming into contact with it against micro-organisms, bacteria, viruses and fungi. One positive aspect of ozone is that it is a clean chemical. The only waste product is oxygen which is rereleased into the air.
  • Unpleasant odors are eliminated in the process.

Simple & flexible operation

Our solutions have multiple control possibilities:

  • Analog clock for 6 h
  • Automatic 7 days / 24 hour timer
  • Digital control
  • Ambient air or hot air drying

The systems can be programmed to fit your needs. For example, the drying solutions can be activated before shift-start to warm up work clothes and then again during lunch break and after the shift to dry wet gear.



Save energy through drying lockers

  • Drying systems offer considerable potential to save on energy costs (compared to traditional drying rooms)
  • With different control systems the dryers can be programmed to be in operation only when needed, thus saving you time and money.
  • Depending on your needs and expectations the units can be equipped with ambient or heated air drying.

Two versions - stainless steel or coated high-quality sheet steel

  • The robust and efficient design in high quality steel offers all the functions needed for optimum drying and disinfection of work clothing and gear. For special requirements stainless steel versions are also available.
  • Panels and lockers can be combined in any configuration. Through an optimized design our drying systems can also be fitted into small spaces.
  • For special applications, our solutions are available in a waterproof design made of stainless steel.

Power requirements: 208-230V 1A AC50/60Hz Other power requirements on request.


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