Our product solutions for production plants & the food           industry

Our product solutions for production plants & the food industry

First-rate hygienic drying with WINTERSTEIGER Dry & Protect

Innovative, efficient, smart: our drying systems ensure rapid drying and complete disinfection – ideal support for companies in the production, food, and logistics sectors.

Hygienic drying solutions for production plants & the food industry

Whether you need to dry work boots quickly, ensure thorough disinfection, or to warm equipment and clothing: WINTERSTEIGER has modern product solutions which can be easily adapted to suit your requirements.

How does it work? It's simple: our innovative drying systems are highly energy-efficient and material-friendly and offer a vast amount of flexibility. They support workflows and ensure both hygienically clean working conditions and efficient drying at all times. Find out more!

Your benefits

Long service life: 

Thanks to the material-friendly drying process, clothing and equipment maintains its high level of quality.


The advanced Sterex plasma technology ensures comprehensive germ reduction – without the use of harmful substances.

Odor reduction: 

Effective reduction of germs also neutralizes unpleasant odors, so that work gear is pleasant to wear day after day.

Low energy consumption: 

Thanks to condensation or air circulation drying, electricity consumption is reduced to a minimum – so it's gentle on the environment and your budget.

Space-saving design:

Our drying systems are available in a variety of sizes and versions so they fit easily in any room.

Time savings: 

Thanks to modern technology, the drying process takes just a few hours.

Versatile use: 

Our product solutions are suitable for drying jackets and trousers as well as respirators, boots, helmets, and gloves.

Simple, intuitive operation: 

Thanks to the integrated, self-explanatory control unit with color display, our drying systems are straightforward and easy to use.

Flexible system: 

All products can be expanded to suit your specific needs.

The benefits for your industry

WINTERSTEIGER Dry & Protect products deliver a wide range of advantages. But what does this mean for the food industry, cold storage logistics, and manufacturing companies exactly? We've summarized the main plus points by industry.

Food industry: 

The open drying systems from WINTERSTEIGER fulfill all hygiene standards and ensure quick drying and comprehensive disinfection of work clothing. This makes clothing comfortable to wear and provides a hygienically clean working environment. Drying panels and lockers are available in stainless steel versions especially for the food industry.

Cold storage logistics: 

Warm, dry clothing for work in low temperature areas – a boon for your employees! The closed drying systems from WINTERSTEIGER are ideal for the challenges of cold storage logistics and effectively help to ensure smooth working processes and high levels of employee satisfaction over the long term.

Manufacturing companies: 

The versatile WINTERSTEIGER product range offers numerous – and space-saving – solutions for drying and disinfecting protective clothing and equipment as quickly as possible. This means helmets, gloves, and so on are ready for use again within a very short space of time. The effective odor reduction also makes clothes pleasant to wear and the necessary protective effect is retained at all times during work processes.

What our customers are saying

Read what our customers have to say about WINTERSTEIGER quality...

The air circulation of the WINTERSTEIGER Tantum Boot 10 Power dries shoes and boots much more quickly. You really notice the improved indoor air quality and that the odor has been reduced.
Petra Pichler, Efko

FAQs on using WINTERSTEIGER Dry & Protect in production plants & in the food industry