Cubusan for active air disinfection at the doctor's office

Cubusan in Dr. Werle's waiting roomIn the waiting room of Dr. Werle's doctor's office, viruses and bacteria are reliably neutralized by the Cubusan attached to the ceiling.

“The technology won me over”


To make his patients safer, Dr. Andreas Werle in Sulz, Vorarlberg, equipped his practice with the Cubusan air disinfection device. For three weeks now, air purification cubes have been reliably neutralizing viruses and bacteria in the waiting room, at reception, and in the corridors. 


Dr. Werle, who has a technical background, is impressed with the functionality of Cubusan technology. This is because, in contrast to conventional devices, Cubusan provides permanent and real-time protection. “The air in the doctor's office is always virtually germ-free (99.9 %) thanks to Cubusan technology. After careful reading of the documents, including the technical expert reports, I can say that I am very impressed with the technical approach used to eliminate germs permanently at source – unlike the use of air circulation and the killing of germs directly in the device only. Air circulation causes potentially infectious aerosols to move through the room, in the vicinity of my employees and patients. I wouldn't have felt comfortable with that.”


More information: www.cubusan.com



Reduced risk of infection and improved well-being.

In a doctor's office, the risk of infection is always an issue and patients are often concerned to come to the practice “with all the sick people”. This is particularly the case during the pandemic but also during flu season, for example. On the subject of how his patients and employees have responded to the devices, Dr. Werle has this to say: “When they first found out about them, patients were very interested in the devices and why I as a doctor felt they were the right option. They wanted to know exactly how Cubusan works and what it does. My employees are also pleased with Cubusan. I think they are happy to be able to work in such a 'clean environment' while also getting additional protection against infection thanks to Cubusan.”


Dr. Werle is confident that it helps to prevent infection: “I myself am convinced that by installing Cubusan technology, we have taken another important step towards minimizing the risk of infection in general, and particularly in relation to the various strains of the coronavirus, including any future mutations.”


In the brief period that he has been using the devices, which he simply switches on and off via a cell phone app, he has been extremely satisfied. The devices are mounted on the ceiling and the noise level is very low at 32 decibels.