Cubusan for the start of school: 32 air disinfection devices for elementary school and daycare center

From left to right: Franz Fischer, Christian Mayer and Mayor Andreas Fenzl

In autumn, when people spend more time indoors again, air purifiers become even more important to provide the best possible protection against infections. To ensure safe school or kindergarten attendance in Rimsting, Bavaria, Franz Fischer sought a practical solution at the request of Mayor Andreas Fenzl. He learned about the innovative Cubusan room air purifier from Christian Mayer, CEO of Serra Maschinenbau GmbH. At Serra - the company has been part of the WINTERSTEIGER Group since 2019 - Andreas Fenzl was able to convince himself of the effectiveness and ease of use: 32 devices will ensure clean air in the two daycare centers and the elementary school.


The great advantage of this method of air disinfection is that the Cubusan eliminates viruses and bacteria directly and immediately. Air does not have to be moved through the entire room to the filtration system and dangerous aerosols cannot spread at all. In addition, the practical, compact device weighs only 12 kg. “We can borrow the Cubusan for events or community council meetings. It is quickly packed up and all we have to do is plug it back in,” explains Mayor Fenzl.


This is particularly important in school use: It is whisper quiet and does not disturb learning. “Compared to filtration systems, the Cubusan cube is very low maintenance. We don’t have to change any filters or lamps,” enthuses Mayor Fenzl.