TRC Panel 2000 Fully automated repair of large panels

Automated system with turning unit for repair of both sides

The TRC Panel 2000 repairs large panels fully automatically and on both sides. The panel is taken from the stack, repaired, and restacked. Once a panel stack has been completely processed, the system stops, and the repaired stack can be replaced by a new stack.


Repairs with two injection heads.

The repair process starts with the panel being scanned. The scanner scans the entire panel in one sweep. As soon as it is finished, it sends the data to the two injection heads and the defects are repaired in a high-precision, high-pressure injection process. Only the volume calculated by the scanner is filled into the crack or knothole; the surrounding grain of the wood is not processed. Once the front of the panel is completed, the turning unit turns the panel 180° and the back undergoes the same process.


To a limited extent, the TRC Panel 2000 can also repair fully penetrating defects such as knotholes. The repairs can be made in various material colors. It is possible to carry out remote maintenance of the TRC system via the internet.

The scanner delivers results quickly and precisely.


VAP-WINTERSTEIGER developed the “Faulty Spot Eye” defect scanner especially for wood surface repairs. In contrast to conventional scanners, the dimensions are calculated based on height differences in a laser triangulation process. This involves the use of algorithms and filters developed by VAP-WINTERSTEIGER. This valuable expertise makes the scanner special because the evaluation is not based on database comparisons with samples: All defects are calculated for each panel from scratch, with Faulty Spot Eye working very quickly and very precisely for the best results. It detects defects from a size of 0.5 mm (knothole diameter, crack width, etc.) and the scanner works at a speed of approximately 680 mm/second. Additionally, the scanner can be used for quality checks – with a final scan performed after the repair process.


The sophisticated interplay between scanner technology, high-pressure injection, and temperature regulation of the filling material for optimal flow behavior guarantees perfect panel repairs. Further advantages of the automated solution include the reduction of filling material and labor costs, and the enormous simplification of work processes: The fully automated system takes care of the transport and handling of panels weighing up to 135 kg.


Application areas: furniture panels, solid wood boards, multilayer boards.


Wood dimensions:

Length: 900 to 3500 mm

Width: 650 to 1300 mm

Thickness: 16 to 45 mm


Max. panel weight: 135 kg

Max. stack weight: 2000 kg



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