Right time, right place

New SERRA sawing mill at Full Tilt Timber Framing in Clancy, Montana


Nate Schuele, 22 years old and a 4th generation sawyer, has a new best friend: the SL130i SERRA mobile sawmill. The previous one (another company) had to be replaced due to a motor damage. As a demonstration machine, the SERRA sawmill was immediately ready for use – in the right place at the right time.


Nate got his first impression of SERRA and the saw mills by YouTube videos. He found the videos hugely impressive and especially liked the receivers for offloading sawn lumber. For the decision he explains: “We were looking at multiple alternatives but the SERRA seemed to have so many good features, larger band, thinner kerf, receivers for sawn lumber, better band wheel technology etc.” The availability of the SERRA demo machine in Nashville convinced them, too, because it was already stateside and built.


Walt and Nate Schuele, the 2 owners of Full Tilt Timber Framing in Clancy, Montana, produce dimensional lumber and timbers for timber frames (around 150,000-200,000 board feet/year). The SERRA mill has fit into their process perfectly and they had not changed either of their businesses.


The most favored machine features.

When asked for what Nate Schuele likes best at the new mill, he comes up with a long list: “The independent loading arms are a huge improvement. The computer is actually worth using. The previous computers we are used to are not worth turning on. The power toe board for moving cants back and forth. The increased number of bed rails, the band wheels that are light years ahead of anything other portable manufactures are using, the toe boards with dogs for pulling cants into the bed for the mill. The dogs have a steep learning curve but once we learned how to use them, they are also much better than anything we’ve had in the past. The operators station is also a huge improvement to walking with the head or the exposed remote operating stations we had before.”


The switch to the new machine was easy for him. Nate learned the computer and calibrating the joystick. He had no major changes, just re-learning the setup. The employees get along with the machine very well, too, and also the clients are impressed.


Nate is happy with the SERRA customer service and says: “The best customer service I’ve ever received. We are very satisfied and we want to tour the factory and thank everyone.”