Practical product solutions for disinfection & odor reduction           in companies

Practical product solutions for disinfection & odor reduction in companies

The smart solution for a hygienically clean environment in the office, conference room, front office, and more

Revolutionary indoor air disinfection for companies

Minimize staff sick days, improve indoor air quality, and create a hygienic working environment: the Cubusan air purifier with its innovative technology helps to make this a reality and make day-to-day work both safer and more pleasant.

Based on the innovative Sterex plasma technology, the indoor air disinfection takes direct effect, destroying viruses and bacteria before they can spread further. This breaks in-company chains of infection and reduces departmental transmission to a minimum. Thanks to its compact design and extremely quiet operation, the Cubusan air purifier can also be integrated into any room – the ideal addition to your company's hygiene concept!

Your benefits


The Sterex plasma technology integrated into the Cubusan air purifier eliminates 99.9 % of viruses and bacteria directly from the air. This destroys harmful germs before they can spread further in the room.

Odor reduction:

Bacteria are also eliminated by the Cubusan air purifier, making unpleasant odors a thing of the past – for a pleasant indoor environment in every regard.

Energy efficiency:

Due to its low energy consumption of 5–8 watts of electrical continuous output, the Cubusan air purifier is much more efficient than conventional air filtration systems. The improved indoor air quality also helps to save electricity and energy as it means ventilation periods can be shortened without hesitation.

Prevents illness:

The comprehensive indoor air disinfection quickly breaks in-company chains of infection. This means less transmission of infection within the company.

Improves indoor air quality:

Disinfection and purification of the air results in noticeably better indoor air quality – a real benefit when it comes to concentration!

Maximum flexibility:

Thanks to its compact, stylish design, the Cubusan air purifier can be easily integrated into any room – whether on the ceiling, on a table, or on the wall.

Optimizes the working environment:

Improved indoor air quality an optimum protection against infection have a positive effect on employee satisfaction – a clear benefit when it comes to staff retention.
Smiling, red-haired woman sitting at a table in front of a white Cubusan. | © WINTERSTEIGER

The Cubusan air purifier in action

Thanks to its elegant, compact design, and advanced technology, the Cubusan air purifier can be easily integrated into any office. It has a positive effect on how safe employees feel at work, which helps to create a pleasant working environment.

In short: The Cubusan air purifier is a real asset for employers, employees, and their health.

What our customers are saying

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cubusan bei tourismusverband innviertel.
"For us, it goes without question that we need to protect our guests and employees as far as possible from any kind of infection. The investment costs for the Cubusan air purifier were lower than other solutions and the Cubusan is also much more discreet in terms of size and noise levels than common air filtration systems. It was also important for us that we used a product from the region.”
Gerald Hartl
CEO of the s'Innviertel tourism association