Our product solutions for skilled trade and construction companies

Our product solutions for skilled trade and construction companies

WINTERSTEIGER Dry & Protect – keeps work clothing dry and employee satisfaction high

Work clothing for skilled trade companies is often exposed to harsh conditions, including UV radiation, rain, moisture, sweat, and dust; this means fast and efficient solutions are required for drying and disinfecting clothing.

Hygienic drying solutions for skilled trade and construction companies

The lifespan of work clothing depends heavily on how it is cared for. Ensuring that clothing, shoes, and work safety equipment, such as gloves and helmets, is properly dried andstored in a dry place can drastically increase their availability. Ozone-free disinfection also eliminates unpleasant odors and protects rubberized surfaces like boot soles and plastic parts, preventing them from becoming brittle. Find out more about the possible applications of WINTERSTEIGER Dry & Protect drying and disinfection lockers for skilled trade companies:

Your benefits

Material-friendly drying

ensures that clothes and equipment last a long time.

Thanks to the innovative Sterex plasma technology,

work clothing is efficiently disinfected and germs are reduced.

Fewer germs, fewer odors:

Unpleasant odors are a thing of the past thanks to germ reduction.

Condensation drying or air circulation drying

are particularly energy-efficient.


Drying systems of various sizes can be flexibly positioned.

Save time thanks to quick drying:

Short drying processes save significant time during day-to-day work.

Jackets, trousers, boots, or helmets:

Numerous drying functions allow for versatile usage.

Intuitive operation:

The self-explanatory control unit with color display makes for easy and convenient operation.

Maximum customization:

Expandable systems mean you can tailor the use in your company to suit your needs.

The benefits for your sector

Energy-efficient, gentle and thorough drying solutions provide a great deal of added value for skilled trade companies, large and small. Work clothing and equipment are ready to use at all times and have a longer service life. Employees will also be happier and more comfortable wearing dry and disinfected clothing.

Skilled trade and construction companies

Working outdoors in all weather conditions is just part of the job for employees at skilled trade companies. Drying lockers for work clothing, work boots, protective helmets and gloves can make all the difference when it comes to employee comfort. Disinfection of work clothing is an added benefit that you can provide for your employees.