Commendations & certificates for WINTERSTEIGER Dry & Protect

The technology and products for WINTERSTEIGER Dry & Protect meet modern standards and are based on creative ideas and the innovative way in which they're brought to life. There is a clear focus on quality. And this approach has paid off – as demonstrated by the commended technology in our product range.

Commendation for the Sterex plasma technology

The innovative Sterex technology is part of our Dry & Protect products – and wins over customers in many areas. Its effectiveness has now even been commended: the Center of Excellence for Technical Hygiene and Applied Microbiology Dr. Schmelz GmbH in Malsfeld, Germany has confirmed the disinfectant efficacy of the plasma technology.

Sterex plasma technology in action

The Sterex technology is available for all WINTERSTEIGER Dry & Protect products. Optionally integrated in all drying systems, the highly-effective plasma technology ensures first-class hygienic drying and comprehensive odor reduction – for additional comfort and thorough disinfection with every drying operation.

Air purifier Cubusan black and white. | © WINTERSTEIGER

The Sterex plasma technology in Cubusan air purifiers

The Sterex plasma technology is also integrated in the Cubusan air purifier . The smart device eliminates 99.9 percent of viruses and bacteria directly from the air. Unpleasant odors are also reduced to a minimum by the innovative technology – which is smart, beneficial to health, and safe.

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