SpeedDry air circulation drying

SpeedDry air circulation drying

Quick drying with high-performance blowers.

The SpeedDry drying technology combines efficient high-performance fans with smart heating.

How does the SpeedDry drying technology work?

The SpeedDry drying technology utilizes high-performance fans. They form the basis for the innovative air circulation drying and they get the efficient exhaust air drying in motion with large airflow volumes. As a result, the dry air is conveyed to the wet equipment and drying begins. The moisture removed is then discharged into the ambient air. For super quick drying, the supplied air can also be warmed. 

The result? A drying system that offers both air drying and warm air drying. Both applications guarantee quick yet gentle drying of gear and equipment and can also be expanded with the Sterex plasma technology – for a comprehensive hygiene function to boot.

The SpeedDry blower technology is especially recommended for well ventilated rooms with an ambient temperature of at least 15 degrees Celsius. Drying is most effective under these conditions. As one of our WINTERSTEIGER plug and play products, the drying system simply needs to be connected to a power outlet and you're ready to dry – it's material-friendly, energy-efficient, and quick.

These products from the WINTERSTEIGER Dry & Protect range use SpeedDry air circulation drying

Your benefits

An overview of the key benefits of SpeedDry air circulation drying:

Quick drying process in just a few hours

Energy-efficient technology thanks to a combination of fans and heating system

Individual drying modes with variable heating duration: ambient air drying & warm air drying

Can be expanded with Sterex plasma technology for additional disinfection

Material-friendly drying at moderate temperature (40 °C)

Additional option: our Sterex plasma technology

The innovative Sterex plasma technology offers comprehensive disinfection and reliable odor reduction – as an add-on to any drying process. Energy-saving and material-friendly, it is an efficient and hygienic enhancement for all drying systems.

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