Sterex plasma technology

Sterex plasma technology

A revolutionary innovation for modern drying systems.

Developed for disinfection and odor reduction, Sterex plasma technology is the new standard for modern drying and disinfection solutions. The innovative process works reliably and completely maintenance-free – whether disinfecting room air with WINTERSTEIGER air purifiers or surfaces, equipment, and fabrics with WINTERSTEIGER drying lockers. It removes 99.9 % of viruses and bacteria and reduces unpleasant odors quickly and efficiently. Hygienic drying means greater comfort, increases wellbeing, and helps support good health.

How does the Sterex plasma technology work?

The Sterex plasma technology is a complex process for comprehensive disinfection and reliable elimination of unpleasant odors. How does it work? A high-voltage electrode charges the surrounding air and creates what is called a nonthermal plasma. This is an efficient way to reduce germs – without any chemical additives. Unlike conventional ozone and UVC technology, the materials are not affected in any way.

Your benefits

An overview of the key benefits of Sterex technology: 


without the use of toxic or environmentally harmful chemicals

Efficient action

against viruses and bacteria

Neutralization of odors

from volatile organic compounds such as sweat


the indoor environment through fresh, healthy breathable air


for health

Does not damage

plastics or synthetic fibers

Proven technology

for example in drinking water treatment

Excellence: Sterex certificates

The disinfectant efficacy of the Sterex technology has been confirmed by the independet german Fraunhofer Institute and the recognized Center of Excellence for Technical Hygiene and Applied Microbiology Dr. Schmelz GmbH in Malsfeld, Germany.

Sterex plasma technology in action – pure innovation!

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