Our products for indoor air disinfection in public institutions

Our products for indoor air disinfection in public institutions

Clever product solutions for air purification in schools, colleges, kindergartens, and more

Indoor air disinfection in public institutions

The Cubusan air purifier uses innovative Sterex plasma technology to directly eliminate 99.9 percent of viruses and bacteria – without air circulation, a filter system, or maintenance work. This device offers both comprehensive protection against infection and effective odor reduction, making it the ideal addition to smart hygiene concepts in kindergartens, schools, colleges, and other public institutions.

A significant amount of social contact happens in classrooms, lecture halls, and meeting rooms. The benefit of the WINTERSTEIGER product solutions is that the Cubusan air purifier can be easily integrated into any room thanks to its attractive and compact design. It provides comprehensive disinfection and odor reduction and is the flexible solution for hygiene you can rely on.

Your benefits


The Cubusan air purifier works with innovative Sterex plasma technology and eliminates 99.9 percent of bacteria and viruses directly in the air. The result is optimum protection against infection and efficient odor reduction – ideal for public institutions.

Odor reduction:

Neutralization of bacteria in the air reduces unpleasant odors in the room before they can even disperse. This ensures a pleasant indoor environment when learning or working.

Improves indoor air quality:

The comprehensive air purification qualitatively and considerably improves indoor air.

Maximum flexibility:

The Cubusan air purifier can be set to suit your individual needs with the optional WLAN timer. At specific opening times, at the start of a lesson or at fixed intervals – the flexibility knows no bounds.

Minimizes the risk of infection:

The increased germ load indoors increases the risk of infection and thus long chains of infection. The Cubusan air purifier minimizes the risk of infection and breaks chains of infection – a clear benefit for the health of students and teaching staff. It's a smart way to ensure safety and protection you can rely on in public institutions – in an extremely quiet, space-saving, and energy-efficient manner.
Smiling, red-haired woman sitting at a table in front of a white Cubusan. | © WINTERSTEIGER

The Cubusan air purifier in action

The Cubusan air purifier is the ideal addition to solid hygiene concepts for public institutions. The device has been purposely designed to be compact so it can be integrated with easy in any room – even in corridors. It is extremely quiet and reliably eliminates 99.9 percent of viruses and bacteria directly from the air. The Cubusan air purifier also directly reduces unpleasant smells – providing the perfect combination of hygiene and fresh air!

What our customers are saying

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cubusan fuer esszimmer loewenzahn in ried im innkreis.
“At first, the children and young people thought that there was now free Wi-Fi in the dining room. When we explained that the cube reduces the risk of infection at breaktime, their response was extremely positive and they were pleased. The entire team has responded positively to the air purifier. They are impressed that it is so quiet and simple to use. In addition, the air in the room is considerably fresher and in a short time the smell of food disappears. I will definitely be recommending the Cubusan to others!”
Matthias Schlüsselbauer
Head of the Löwenzahn children's and youth club in Ried im Innkreis