Our product solutions for municipal authorities

Our product solutions for municipal authorities

Benefit from quick and energy-efficient drying – with WINTERSTEIGER Dry & Protect.

Whether it's wet clothing, soaked boots, or damp equipment, when it comes to hygienic drying, our product range is second to none. Municipalities can truly benefit from our diverse selection of solutions.

Hygienic drying solutions for municipal authorities

Our innovative drying systems can be used in a variety of ways in municipal authorities. Whether it be in schools, kindergartens, contractor's yards, land maintenance, or in the fields of drainage, disposal, and sewage treatment plants – WINTERSTEIGER Dry & Protect provides practical support when it comes to hygienic drying.

What are the advantages for your municipality? Take a look at our overview of all the relevant benefits.

Your benefits

Clothes and equipment last a long time 

thanks to material-friendly drying

Disinfection & germ reduction

thanks to modern Sterex plasma technology

Odor reduction 

thanks to effective germ reduction

Maximum energy-efficiency

thanks to condensation drying or air circulation drying

Flexibility & space-saving storage

thanks to drying systems in a variety of sizes and versions

Time savings 

thanks to quick drying processes

Versatile use 

thanks to numerous drying functions, such as drying of jackets and trousers as well as respirators, boots, helmets, and gloves

Easy operation 

thanks to self-explanatory control unit with color display

Can be customized

thanks to individual expandable drying systems

The benefits for your industry

The advantages of WINTERSTEIGER Dry & Protect products are as varied as the industries that utilize our solutions. What does this mean exactly for municipalities, contractor's yards and similar? We have summarized all the benefits for you.

Schools & kindergartens:

For educational facilities such as kindergartens and schools, quick, energy-efficient drying is a huge advantage. This means that shoes and children's clothing are fully dry again in just a few hours. It supports the health of our little ones thanks to comprehensive disinfection. As a result, the clothing is second-to-none when it comes to comfort of wear.

Contractor's yards:

Dry and hygienically clean protective clothing is essential for contractor's yard employees. After all, their equipment must withstand many hours of exposure to the wind and weather, such as in the field of road building and maintenance. WINTERSTEIGER offers innovative solutions that make day-to-day work as comfortable and efficient as possible. The drying systems in our Dry & Protect line dry – and comprehensively disinfect – work clothing in just a few hours. This efficiently simplifies work processes and considerably improves employee satisfaction and comfort levels.

Drainage, disposal, and sewage treatment plants:

The thorough drying power and reliable disinfecting action of the Dry & Protect products are practical tools when it comes to work carried out within a municipality. This includes drainage and disposal work or activities within a sewage treatment plant. The innovative technology ensures quick and energy-efficient drying while the reliable germ reducing action is also a useful feature. Work clothing and equipment can be dried after a long day at work and unpleasant odors are effectively reduced to a minimum – making day-to-day work comfortable and hygienic.

What our customers are saying

Read what our customers have to say about WINTERSTEIGER quality...

During the winter months, my people are working almost round the clock in really tough conditions. It’s essential to be able to get properly warm and recharge during their breaks. During these, our WINTERSTEIGER Tantum Boot 15 Sterex drying panel keeps boots dry and warm. The disinfection unit also neutralizes unpleasant odors in the shoes.
Markus Bratschko, ASFINAG Autobahnmeisterei Unterwald

FAQs on using WINTERSTEIGER Dry & Protect in municipal authorities